Testimonials: What Our Residents Say

“My experience here has been great. The place is neat and clean and I really like the way the staff is prompt and look after me. People respect one another and look out for each other. The staff is really ok - I really enjoy the way the manager has been to me and my family. I love being here and have come to care for these good people." F. Carbone

“I am thankful for Reba Brown Senior Residence. Two years ago I decided to stop going up and down stairs, my six room house was too much for me. When I planned to move into a senior complex I never expected it to be at RBSR. There was an announcement made at my church about the apartments - this would place me closer to my family and my church home. I am thankful for being accepted because it fits all my living needs. I am close to center city and shopping - everything is so convenient. I love the roominess of the apartment and we have the use of the community room for programs, holiday functions, birthday celebrations and much more. Lots of seniors can not attend family affairs, but the togetherness of this facility and its residents is a blessing for all.

I thank God for being the activity director for the senior committee. I love the responsibility in overseeing the resident’s because I love people and it allows me to interact with others. The affordable rent is best living on a fixed income - I could not afford to live anywhere else. It is a pleasure working with the staff because they are always there for me. If I need anything I can voice my opinion and tell management and it gets done. Having building security makes me feel safe and protected in my home. I enjoy being a part of Reba Brown Senior Residence. P. Jacobs

“I appreciate the quiet. You have the option of staying to yourself or joining in on the fun and activities that are here. I love talking to my neighbors. My last landlord was very unpleasant and I thank God for being here.” M. Wallace

“My background is in children and youth but working with the elderly has given me a broader understanding of the life-span development. I have learned so much from the transition from multi-family to senior housing. I never thought some of my closest, wisest friends would be the people I work for. I’ve never met Reba Brown but I know she has touched a lot of people, even me.” R. Anderson